The Woodbine & Ivy Band - Sleep On Sleeping On

Sleep On Sleeping On

The Woodbine & Ivy Band

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The Woodbine & Ivy Band - Sleep On Sleeping On

The Static Brothers are chuffed to be handed the astonishing new album by our friends in Manchester, The Woodbine & Ivy Band. This beauty pushes on from the excellently received self-titled debut in 2011. Their line-up again features a wealth of Manchester’s finest musicians capturing a magical folk oeuvre flecked with psych, prog, jazz and country rock. Partly inspired by G.I. Gurdjieff’s theories on what he termed “waking sleep”, this collection of ten tracks sounds appropriately out of step and out of time, as if the product of an off-kilter dream; of instinct or the subconscious

The line-up includes: Jenny McCormick, James Raynard, Luke Das-Gupta, Mike Doward, John Ellis, Gus Fairbairn, Rachael Gladwin, Chris Hillman, Peter Philipson, Tom Rydeard, Raz Ullah, David A. Jaycock, Ian Budgie Jones, Sam Lench and Anna Zweck.


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  1. Sleep On Sleeping On
  2. Arm a Nation
  3. White Hare
  4. Jackdaws
  5. Pretty Fly Lullaby
  6. Minstrel and a King
  7. Flight of the Pelican
  8. One Summer Day
  9. Old Man
  10. Rebel Soldier